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Welcome to rccgcrownofglory.wordpress.com, this is a special blog for special people and will know you are reading this blog because you believe and accept you are a special person, an image of most high God.this blog is a new blog and as you can see there are no post for know but you can support by signing up for this blog and post your article that you think it can help in taking the word of God to people on internet.the main purpose of creating this blog is to make the word of God available in every corner of the internet. Stay turn and sign up and let more people read ur blog, REMEMBER to share ur post and ur comment with ur friend using share button. And more of this share button will be available soon.


About Rccg-crownofglory

this blog was dedicated for God and a present for THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD CROWN OF GLORY PARISH lagos.this blog write abt the pastors speech of every services and the word of God from the pastor. Coming to this site,i will say is a recommended place for a good christian and home to refresh your memory on the go.
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